Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Away for a While...

I am stricken to tell you that I shall not be around for sometime due to certain quasi-academic "engagements". 
I hope I'll be back on track as soon as I safely graduate. 

So, yeah! talk to you soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why scientists love Germany...?

In this era of inflation, there are certain sad stories for PhD. aspirants in Uk. But Germany is really doing nice Science. Check out this podcast by Guardian. Why scientists love Germany

'Super moon' to reach closest point for almost 20 years

Its Super Moon today, check out your local Moon, it will be 0.3% brighter and bigger...
Check out this one at :=>

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yarning to know that creepy cranky word... Just Double-Click it...

Do you, like many other, have problems to decipherer intricate words? Not anymore, it is so simple as a double click. Is it? Yup. You just have to double click that “creepy” word and Google is on your rescue. Its an amazing app from Google Web Store. And it enriches your Chrome experience as well. You need to install this app and unlock the entangled ones.
There are other wonderful apps as well. I use ‘Add This’ for instant blogging and referral. ‘Planetarium’, to watch for heavenly bodies dwelling at the sky. And many more, it is just a beginning. This feature convinced me to more to the Chrome but it is not just a single application. Each application is going to be tightly coupled with its platform that this phenomenon is called ‘Ecosystem’. Since these platforms are in a process of transition therefore I cannot safely bet where would I eventually be part of? Whether open source or closed, free or proprietary, but amazing things are happening everywhere in our technological world. For the moment I am first class citizen of Microsoft, and exploring its development tools is really a fun job.
My beloved Microsoft, You have to do something really great, and intuitively creative, otherwise:

 Talk to you soon.

Acid Rain In Pakistan...???

Acid Inside
Well for quite a sometime there is some kind of viral messaging campaign regarding "acid rain" phenomenon in Pakistan. And when facts are mingled with rumors, then it is preying for the gullible. But this time I believe it is with good intentions. Japan’s nuclear rector emission is rated at level 6 by a French nuclear safety agency.  So it is a fact. What is factitious is that of acid rain in Pakistan. First of all this rumor spread in Philippine that is in a close proximity with Japan. But Department of Science and Technology (Philippine) dismissed such reports. So in turn there is no need for any such urgency in Pakistan as well. Wanted to read it in detail, here you go =>  

Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) promulgated by a well reputed Pakistani Daily newspaper TODAY...!!!

Israeli Prime Minister being “Promoted” by leading English daily of Pakistan... Well it is really a misleading headline but I believe it can be twisted in the above mentioned way by any of the DAWN’s rivals. There is a growing online advertisement trend and news websites are not immune to it. As it is said, something is better than nothing. An online advertisement on news website is a serious issue where the ad. contents are being  relayed from a third-party. Although one must have given general guidelines for the content but things can turn odd to weird as in this case. Many news websites advertise their own ads. and I think it is pretty safe, since they can get few more bucks from ad posters because now their ad is being displayed as well as printed.  DAWN was quick to rectify its mistake but I was quicker.

Sorry for the quality and capability of mine, I simple had very primitive tools to capture and crop it...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Aliens, Angels, Conspiracy Theory, Alternative Perspective, And more than meets the eye...

Do you like to track "conspiracy theories"? Do you know about "aliens" and want to know more? You have been told "angels" are different than aliens, Is it? What if there is more than meets the eye?
There are a lot of cited scriptures, “scientific” evidences, archeological evidences, legends, and sightings of UTs (extra-terrestrials) around the world. What if you were busier in counting dollars in your bank account and you missed out alternative perspectives and interpretations that promise to unveil the world and its mysteries beyond  the (standard) science? You surely want to catch up. I have got something for you. A series telecasted on History channel. It is about “ancient astronauts”. Do you know two giants ideologically poles apart, Stephen Hawking and Vatican slightly promulgate or I should say confessed regarding UTs? Do you have ever wandered, in comparison with this huge universe why a merely tiny particle of dust has got a phenomenon called "life"? Why to believe that this entire universe with a lot of galaxies, planets, milky ways, etc has nothing to offer but a dismal picture? What if it is not the case and you had been Visited? Do you have seen or heard of these movies, A Space Odyssey,  The Transformers,  Alien vs. Predator,  Star Trek, The Day the Earth Stood Still? Well they are all devised on ancient astronauts plot. You better check it out yourself, it is visual, informative and its better to know some alternative perspectives because it spice up conversation with your peers. Here you go->